Window Tint

$99.00 Window Tint

$99.00 window tint, any make and model with a lifetime warranty.

Rim and Tires

Rims and Tires

Great prices on all the hottest rims and tires.

Financing Available

Financing is Available

100 days same as cash
$39.99 down

Since 1993

Shade Customs

Here at shade customs we provide the best tint jobs in Austin, TX.  For just $99.00 we tint all make and model vehicle with a lifetime warranty.  We provide very fast, excellent service.

We provide Rims and Tires to make your vehicle as personalized as possible.  We have outstanding prices and are the lowest in Austin, TX.  Also if you are not able to pay right away, we do offer financing.  No credit check needed!!

Now at 3 different locations to make it as convenient as possible for you.  North, South, and Central Austin.  Just take your pick on which location fits your needs.

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